Saturday, September 01, 2007

3 Day Novel: Day 1 - 2:10 pm

I've been sternly reprimanded about my failing to adhere to RULE #3 while Carol had lunch. Man, it's really hard not to talk to someone whom you speak to all the time every day. I feel like I'm ignoring her, which I suppose I should be as RULE #7 states the Carol isn't even in the house!

(Not a peep coming from upstairs all morning. Eerie.)

I just put the girls down for their afternoon nap, I've been having a great time playing with them. Hayden's really good at driving a train around the living room and laughs when I make race car noises for her.

After the nap, I'm going to pack up the little ladies and drop them off at my folks house while I go and take some time to myself. I'll be picking up Pizza Delight for supper and a couple of movies from Jumbo Video.

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