Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Mild frustrations

Hey look - Chiaroscuro book 2 is in the works!

I kind of knew that switching gears between two books was going to cause me a good degree of face-palming. Mainly, I can breeze through Angora Napkin pages then I run smack into a brick wall with Chiaroscuro.

Angora Napkin is loose, cartoony, fun and portable to the coffee shops to work on. Chiaroscuro is dense, slow paced, tedious to draw and entirely NOT portable. Also, I have around 450 pages to draw before the story is complete - it's a little daunting.

Angora Napkin is totally me in my element I've discovered. I LOVE drawing stupid cartoons. Chiaroscuro is... Challenging. I still don't feel entirely comfortable with the look of it yet and it constantly points out a lot of my shortcomings as an artist. I have this feeling it's a career spanning work-in-progress.

So far this month the finished pages count standing is:

Angora Napkin: 5
Chiaroscuro: 2

Part of my frustration lies in that I have so many more ideas pinging around in my head and comics are just SO SLOW to produce I just don't have the time to dedicate to developing them. I have no idea how some people (Doug TeNaple, I'm looking at you!) balance a family, comics, creativity and all the other things that make up a day.

OK, enough ranting and more drawing. I'm pretty sure that's really the only way to get where I want and so far as I'm aware I'm not getting any younger.

One last thing before I get back to work:

Charlottetown, PE.    DECEMBER 15th from 11-4