Saturday, March 31, 2012

Angora Napkin / Totoro print

I've been wanting to do a fun Angora Napkin 'team up' image for some time and who better to pair them up with then the Totoro gang! I liked how this turned out so I've decided to make it into the first official Angora Napkin print exclusive for TCAF! 

Here's a quick little "process" sequence of the making of the print:

I love Totoro. I always got a kick out of the way they roar, so I had this weird idea to draw them all screaming at something unseen.... Maybe it's the viewer? I usually rough out stuff in blue pencil and then tighten it up with a HB or 2B.

Inks! I love inking. I traced the rough onto smooth 11 X 14 bristol board and dive into inking with my trusty old Pentel Brush Pen! Next stop: scan and colour in Photoshop. I actually made an attempt to colour this with coloured inks on watercolour paper (to emulate the Ghibli style) but it was an abject failure. SO - back to no-fail digi paint.

Blocking in the girls....

Then onto the Totoros....

All the flat colours done! Now to dig in and render the beast, tweeking colours, adding shadows and all that colourful goodness....


So come by my table early at TCAF this May 5th-6th and pick up a signed print - there's only 50 available! And don't forget to check out on April Fools day for the reveal of the cover art for "Angora Napkin - Harvest of Revenge"!!!