Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hiccups and Diversions

I was on a blog posting roll for a bit there but then things went to crap and I haven't felt the desire to chat about it until now.

It started with the news that the Chiaroscuro book launch was going to be postponed due to issues with the printer in Korea and shipping times. I'm still trying to work that one out but it looks like it'll be bumped into early November.

Then my sister's dog Angel took a turn for the worse and she had to be put down. Angel was a big, beautiful dog and my sister's best friend. She was 14 years old, which is pretty good for a dog that size. I went with my sister and her husband to the vet and was there when they gave the injection; it was one of the saddest moments of my life. I've been much kinder to my own dog since then 'cause he's no spring chicken either.

Anyway, I decided I needed a break from drawing so I picked up Shadow of the Colossus for the PS2 and beat it in a few days. Fun game but a little frustrating at times. Carol's been eating up 3 seasons' worth of Grey's Anatomy on DVD, I think she's as frustrated with her own work as I am with mine.

I've been slowly gravitating back to the drawing table, so I think my funk is passing. I've been doing some teaching this week at a couple of high schools, talking about comics and such and helping with some class projects. I spent a lunch hour today doing sketches for some of the younger grade kids here in Kensington; a lot of Doodlez, a few Untalkative Bunnies and the odd Angora Napkin character.

That infernal bunny keeps cropping up in my life. Just last week I had an email request for an Untalkative Bunny pic for a birthday:

At least he's easy to draw.

Okay, back to work for me. I should have some good news to post in the next few days about the book launch and I'm expecting to see an advance copy of the book itself very soon!