Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A trip down amnesia lane

Let it be known I never went to school for animation, I'm self taught. So that means ya gotta start somewhere, right? I started out by making this little film back in the days before Flash. It's hand drawn animation pieced together in Adobe Premiere and run through After Effects. The audio was poorly recorded in my friend Pat's basement on a lousy 4 track that could hardly pick up sound.

Now here it is online for a larf. I added the subtitles because of the lousy quality of the audio.

The cartoon was based on a comic strip I was drawing for the now defunct Capital City magazine in Ottawa.

There's another old animated short of mine hidden away somewhere on one of these old disks, but it makes this one look like Fantasia. Maybe someday when I'm feeling particularly horrible about myself I'll dig it out and post it... But then again, maybe not.