Thursday, January 10, 2008

Images from the "...And Other Stories" exhibit.

Art Gallery of the Confederation Center, September 2007 - November 2007

Curated by the estimable man from the Outback, Mr. Ihor Holubizky.
Special thanks to Jon Tupper and Siobhan Wiggans at the gallery for their support.

A nice Star Wars scrolling welcome was found on the floor at the entrance to the show.
Original artwork from Chiaroscuro #7 & #8 lined the outer walls!

Charmaine Wheatley's section. A sketchbook graphic novel done with watercolour.

This section featured original watercolour pieces by Seth from the book "Bannock, Beans and Black Tea", a P.E.I. memoir by his father John Gallant who grew up here during the depression.

Display containing original art and books by Robert Harris (1848-1919)

There was a 12 minute interview playing on a loop with myself for the first half and Charmaine on the second. I've attached a link to my half of the video from YouTube. Sorry about the quality, the back lit nature of the video makes everything a big on the dark side and the audio is a bit low.