Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Overworked / Overwhelmed

Sorry about the lack of posts this year - I'm swamped with work! I swear, 2012 looks like it'll be the busiest year of my life! Let's see what's on deck:

- Freelance storyboarding (gotta pay the man)
- Planning a wedding
- Moving into a new house
- Fixing up the new place
- Building a new portfolio website
- Building a new Angora Napkin website
- Going to TCAF in May
- Starting a new Angora Napkin webseries
- Writing my next graphic novel
- Developing an iPhone game
- Going to Iron Maiden in July
- New Angora Napkin book published
- Getting married
- Plus a million other things, not including summer with the kids out of school!

How I'm going to pull off all this is frankly a mystery to me. Just tackle one thing at a time I guess (yeah, right). Anyway, lots of these things are well underway as we speak. Check back early next month and I should have the new www.meanwhilestudios.com website up and running as well as some news about the upcoming Angora Napkin book + web series!