Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Overworked / Overwhelmed

Sorry about the lack of posts this year - I'm swamped with work! I swear, 2012 looks like it'll be the busiest year of my life! Let's see what's on deck:

- Freelance storyboarding (gotta pay the man)
- Planning a wedding
- Moving into a new house
- Fixing up the new place
- Building a new portfolio website
- Building a new Angora Napkin website
- Going to TCAF in May
- Starting a new Angora Napkin webseries
- Writing my next graphic novel
- Developing an iPhone game
- Going to Iron Maiden in July
- New Angora Napkin book published
- Getting married
- Plus a million other things, not including summer with the kids out of school!

How I'm going to pull off all this is frankly a mystery to me. Just tackle one thing at a time I guess (yeah, right). Anyway, lots of these things are well underway as we speak. Check back early next month and I should have the new www.meanwhilestudios.com website up and running as well as some news about the upcoming Angora Napkin book + web series!


Anonymous said...

I was gonna click 'interesting', but went with hamster instead. Seemed the safer bet. Maiden in Montreal in July? Stick around for a couple of days... Leppard is playing on the 16th!!!! Now get back to work (and rock, rock 'till you Drop).

Troy Little said...

Are you going to that one? Make sure to show Rick Allen your sweet tat on your LEFT ARM YOU BASTARD!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh to meet Rick Allen... perchance to dream.... we'll see about my going... depends on the moola I have... which is none... but we'll see!!!!