Wednesday, November 29, 2006


You said a mouthful Beatrice! The Chiaroscuro graphic novel is here!!!

Now before you all start breaking into a cold sweat and reaching for your pocket books let me remind you that this is a promo edition. There is a grand total of 100 signed and numbered copies in existence! Most of these will be heading out the door in search of a publisher, some will be sent out as review copies and some will be given to family and a few close friends.

Once I have all that worked out, the rest are up for grabs! Details on when and how to get your very own copy will appear on this blog in the future sometime, but likely not until early 2007. The books will be offered on a first come fist serve basis at that time.

I must say it's incrediably satisfying to see the work collected as a whole finally. A big shout out to Jodi and Logan over at ComiXpress for doing a great job on the printing!