Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Narrative Corpse Lives...

You all remember Art Spiegelman's "The Narrative Corpse" game, right? Kinda like a comic jam over long distances but with only a small glimpse of what transpired before. In this case, only one panel! Not a lot to riff on, so the outcome should be interesting.

Anyway, somtime last year (August?) I signed up with 32 other people to take part in an email version of the game. Unlimited page contribution but only a week to do the art. I managed to finish my 3 pager last weekend. A bit Goreyesque methinks, but it was fun to do. To check out the other artists involved or follow the progress of the project, check out this link.

I always think I'll do something quick and simple, then go and start hatching like a fool. James Kochalka's got the right idea.