Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Troy featured on CBC TV tonight!

Ace video journalist Sophia Harris from CBC news stopped by the studio yesterday for almost 3 hours to talk about Chiaroscuro, the big book deal and other stuff. They say the magic of film is in the editing so I hope I'm edited well because I sure need to be! You can never tell how these things are going when you are in them. Like when Ihor (curator from the Confederation Center) was shooting interviews with me for the up coming exhibit, I had the feeling I was rambling and loosing track of the subject. I have no idea what any of this stuff will look like in the end so it should be an interesting (and I hope not embarrassing) learning experience. I think I need to learn to be more media savvy, I tend to fall into the 'Overly Modest Canadian' type, which probably makes for lousy TV. Eh, what do I know.

Anywho, the spot will be aired on Compass tonight at 6 (late in the show). I'm told sometimes other CBC stations pick up stories off the wire for broadcast, so if you happen to be living somewhere other than P.E.I. and see the spot, drop me a line.

Update: I just found out you can watch the show 90 minutes after airtime on the website found here:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3 Day Novel: Epilogue

Illustration by Peter Kuper

Here we are the day after the World's Most Notorious Literary Contest draws to a close. I finally had an opportunity to speak with the author only moments ago as she was on her way back upstairs to her office to continue transcribing her manuscript.

I ask her how she feels about the project now that the 72 hours is up and the bell has wrung. She tells me that she feels very good about the experience, pleased with the work in general and completely at a loss as to how to explain the fact that she wrote a novel in 3 days when her usual daily quota is about 5 pages. The title of her story is called 'Hide Your Life Away'. She went into the project with a simple two page outline and a boat load of coffee and came out the other side a hero.

I have yet to read a word of the story, but she assures me that I can start reading tomorrow. The final typed manuscript has to be in the mail Friday so until then she'll continue burning the midnight oil with cramped fingers, stiff back and a four point headache.

I ask would she attempt this again? Absolutely, she replies, but I might hire a typist... and an in-house personal masseuse.

In closing she adds the interesting observation that many people who have been following her mentally/physically torturous endeavor participating in the 3 Day Novel refer to it as "Hilarious", or "A Riot". A perplexed look crosses her sleep deprived face at such utterances, as if the words must hold another meaning. Is such torment a point of humor to some? I suppose it must be so. And with that, the Author struggles to stand and with glazed eyes robotically turns toward her office where the words and the pain have melded into one numb pool of exasperation.

Yes folks, she has won. Congratulations again Carol, Champion of the Word.

Monday, September 03, 2007

3 Day Novel: Day 3 - 8:22pm

She's done, the story is told! 118 hand written pages in just under 3 days! Congratulations Carol!!!! Of course the night is young and if you can believe it she just went back up stairs to start typing. Madness has obviously overtaken her.

As for me, I'm worn out. I'll follow this short entry up tomorrow with an epilogue. I need to go to bed soon, CBC television is going to be here tomorrow morning to talk to me about the forth coming Chiaroscuro graphic novel and the up coming art show at the Confederation Center. I hope I'm coherent.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

3 Day Novel: Day 2 - 7:52pm

It's getting late in the day for you normals out there, but it is to your credit to be aware and pay homage to the lonesome writer. Picture her as I do: seated in a Elizabethan style wing back chair, Siamese cat purring by her side and a steaming hot cup of Red Rose swirling next to her. Pen, thoughtfully poised only a breath away from her lips as she forms the next thrilling scene in her mind.

Ignore the idea that she is suffering near crippling pain in her right hand and is feeling more than slightly nauseous from lack of sleep coupled with an over abundance of coffee and left over pizza. Try not to imagine how the ticking of the clock sounds to one who feels she is miles away from her necessary amount of writing for the day.

Yes, Day 2 is shaping up to be a test of will power and creative prowess.

In my world, I took the girls to Charlottetown for I had planned to drop them off with family and do some drawing between morning and afternoon nap time. As is the case these last two days, things don't work out as planned. None the less, I met with The Wa and had lunch with Ann at Hunter's Ale House. Let it be known that after the wretched service we had at Hunter's Ale House I will not be returning.

That's about it for me. I feel like a blunt instrument and once I'm sure the girls are sound asleep I'm ducking out to the Petro to snag some chip dip, then kick back and watch 'Pan's Labyrinth' in the dark. With my chip dip.

(...that is if you ignore the fact that she'll THEN have to start typing the bloody thing out into proper manuscript format. Aren't YOU glad you don't write for a living?)