Monday, September 03, 2007

3 Day Novel: Day 3 - 8:22pm

She's done, the story is told! 118 hand written pages in just under 3 days! Congratulations Carol!!!! Of course the night is young and if you can believe it she just went back up stairs to start typing. Madness has obviously overtaken her.

As for me, I'm worn out. I'll follow this short entry up tomorrow with an epilogue. I need to go to bed soon, CBC television is going to be here tomorrow morning to talk to me about the forth coming Chiaroscuro graphic novel and the up coming art show at the Confederation Center. I hope I'm coherent.


Eifriger said...

Good luck man!
We did it! We did it!
The last section of my story makes NO SENSE! But we did it!
Hurrayyyyyyyyyy :-D

((hugs & kisses)) to both of you,
Best o' luck w/ the interview!

czblogger said...

So funny, Suzanne. Curious to read that last section of yours.

Sincere congratulations to you and Carol. What an accomplishment! Sleep will feel so delicious to you now. Thanks for inspiring me to write.

Troy, I think you've been so supportive. Good luck with the CBC interview!