Thursday, March 29, 2007

Angora Napkin: One Year Later

Technically it was one year ago yesterday, but that's largely irrelevant to you now isn't it? Anyway here we are! One year and a day ago I finished page 1 of the long anticipated Angora Napkin graphic novel.

As of today I'm 51 pages into the book. I tell people that and they go "Only 51 pages? Don't beat yourself up about it". Trust me, I don't. 51 pages is one hell of an accomplishment considering I was working full time, freelancing, helping my VERY pregnant wife out, becoming the dad of twin girls and adapting to fatherhood. I honestly don't know how I got ANY pages done let alone 51!

I assessed things at the start of the year and decided to give myself the "reasonable" goal of producing 6 pages a month. That will give me a fat 72 pages by the end of the year and should put me pretty close to the finish line (so far so good). I'm hoping to get this book out for Halloween '08.

Here's the first 7 pages for you to fawn over for the next while. Enjoy!

What (or who) did she hit?!?!? Stay tuned!!!