Thursday, March 29, 2007

Angora Napkin: One Year Later

Technically it was one year ago yesterday, but that's largely irrelevant to you now isn't it? Anyway here we are! One year and a day ago I finished page 1 of the long anticipated Angora Napkin graphic novel.

As of today I'm 51 pages into the book. I tell people that and they go "Only 51 pages? Don't beat yourself up about it". Trust me, I don't. 51 pages is one hell of an accomplishment considering I was working full time, freelancing, helping my VERY pregnant wife out, becoming the dad of twin girls and adapting to fatherhood. I honestly don't know how I got ANY pages done let alone 51!

I assessed things at the start of the year and decided to give myself the "reasonable" goal of producing 6 pages a month. That will give me a fat 72 pages by the end of the year and should put me pretty close to the finish line (so far so good). I'm hoping to get this book out for Halloween '08.

Here's the first 7 pages for you to fawn over for the next while. Enjoy!

What (or who) did she hit?!?!? Stay tuned!!!


Eifriger said...

Shee-it! Do I gots ta wait another year ta see more? :-D Or I can quiz you when you visit in less than a .. MONTH!

Troy, congrats on 51 pgs..... geez! I was doing math (ouch) trying to figgure what 1 page a day would be..then thought, well, howzabout 1 pg every two days? No matter how ya slice it, ya gotta make the time for the drawing.

Congrats on making the time..!
Even if 4am comes early ;-)

Doc Savageland said...

Congratulations dude. Love the 7 pages so far, and I'm glad to hear you've completed 51 pages! I look forward to seeing the rest. As usual you put out great art, and as I've said before, your work reads. You know how to tell a story, and unfortunately most people drawing comics today don't share that gift.

I just hope that you find some time to get sleep, but then maybe you will have to wait until your daughters move out?

Terry said...


Your first 7 pages looked awesome; I love the blue shadowing effect against the black and white artwork. Also, the composition is excellent and the action really flows( keeping my eyes marching right along with it). I like your attention to detail like the bug splatterings on the windshield (nice touches). Unfortunately it seemed eerily similar to my new comic..."Magenta Towelette". I may have to sue.

Kyle Marshall said...

Love these pages, and can't wait for this thing to be released. But ONBLY 51 pages in? come on man

ncross said...

Hey, if you need a title how about: Angora Napkin in "Toast World"

Just a thought...

Or how about: Angora Napkin in "Isn't that name offensive to women?"

Blair Kitchen said...

These are great Troy! Do you finish a page fully, before you start the next? 51 pages in a year is pretty good. Is Chiaroscuro on hold until you get this one done?

How are you going to print these with the blue? Is it going to get translated into black and white, or can you print it with only one colour for cheaper than full colour? If you can, that is a great idea. The blue really adds a lot to the look.

Great job man.

Troy Little said...

Thanks all for the nice comments!

Blair: I'm on a break from Chiaroscuro for the moment. I'd like to print the book with the spot colour but I don't think it's any cheaper than full colour. I just like the look of it. I generally finish a page and move on to the next, but in trying to be more efficient I find myself jumping around a bit lately.

Shayli Vere said...

WOW neighbour, don't listen to them! the only one that knows how to do it and when is you! way to go! hi's to your girls

Rob A. said...

That is an amazing achievement! Love these characters, always have.

Jason C said...

Oohh.. I know what they hit!!! I know what they hit!!!

I agree with Kyle.. 51 pgs.. what a slacker.. And I bet you only had about 15 other side projects on the go at the same time... for shame Troy.. for shame.. ;)

seriously though.. You should be more like me and accomplish nothing this year.. :) Put me on the pre-order list for Halloween '08!

Anonymous said...


You should make a pic for the following NIN/Year Zero site:

Don't know if you've been following the "game"

Anonymous said...

awesome work, troy! try to get that thing finished, printed, bound and signed for little old me as a wedding present! c'mon, i know you could get it done in time. what's sleep? heard you and the family will be here for well over a week. can't wait to see you guys.