Monday, March 20, 2006

Resurrection of the Napkin?

I'm amazed how much my drawings change over time.

Back in '97 my friend Nick Cross and myself came up with a cartoon series called "Angora Napkin". Back then we were pretty much newbies in animation with a background in illustration. Nick took to animation like a duck to water and put all to shame on a daily basis as he continues to do to this day.

Meanwhile I pursued a life in comics. The girls from Angora Napkin have had some continued life in the back pages of Chiaroscuro and last year I pitched the idea of a mini series/graphic novel to SLG and got some tentative interest.

So over the weekend I dug out all the binders full of work Nick and I did on the cartoon series and look them over. There was a point where Nick's style took off in what I thought at the time was WAY out there... I remember telling him that I thought he was deviating too much from the look we defined. Was I ever wrong! I look at his stuff now and wonder why I'm so slow to pick up on things.

Over time my natural drawing style has become much looser, thanks in part to mucking around with a brush pen and doing those odd little Mygrain comics. Having pretty much nailed down a script to the Angora Napkin comic, I'm pretty excited to play around with these characters in a fresh way. I'll post some sketches and plot the developments on this project as they happen.

In the meantime, enjoy this Peanuts strip.