Friday, July 27, 2007

Chiaroscuro HC available for pre-order!!!!

Previews pg. 312, Diamond code :AUG073757

Now is your chance to pre-order the slick new hard cover edition of Chiaroscuro! As much as I wish these puppies would magically be available in every single comic shop and book store, there is a limit to the number available.

Comic shops don't have the luxury or returning unsold books (like book stores) and so may be disinclined to take a chance ordering the book unless it's been requested. Support your local shops and let them know you want a copy by asking them or giving them the Diamond code above. Orders are sent out near the end of August, so don't miss the boat!

No comic shops handy? Head to your nearest books store and supply them with the ISBN number (see ad) and they will hook you up. With a little luck, people requesting the book will spark both outlets to bring in an extra copy or two.

Let your friends know so they don't miss out! Thanks everyone!!!!