Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two Thumbs Up!

The reviews are starting to pour in! Just taste this morsal from one of comics finest: TONY MILLIONAIRE!

"Troy Little's comics are beautifully drawn, charming and personal. They have a very sincere quality. They are also very funny."

Now lets hear from Steven Grant over at

CHIAROSCURO: PATCHWORK Book 1 by Troy Little (No price given)

"Life's weird sometimes. On the very day that I suddenly wonder, for the first time in I think years, whatever happened to this great independent Canadian comic called CHIAROSCURO, what arrives but the first trade paperback collection? And it's still strangely compelling, mostly a picaresque slice-of-life dramady about an artist/slacker named Steve, but the story abruptly right-turns on twinges of propinquity, synchonicity and quasi-paranoia. (Creepy, bizarre events occasionally leak into the narrative, and drive it by their absence.) Good storytelling (a lot of both Eisner and Sim in there, I think), well-drawn characters (in both senses), just the right dose of poignancy; it's not so much that Little makes it so entertaining, it's that he makes it look so effortless. Find it, get it, read it, love it. All these years and Little hasn't dropped a step. "

Thanks Steve, and don't think I don't appreciate getting lumped in with Will & Dave!!!

Still not convinced? Here's a couple of pages to push you over the edge:

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