Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Troy featured on CBC TV tonight!

Ace video journalist Sophia Harris from CBC news stopped by the studio yesterday for almost 3 hours to talk about Chiaroscuro, the big book deal and other stuff. They say the magic of film is in the editing so I hope I'm edited well because I sure need to be! You can never tell how these things are going when you are in them. Like when Ihor (curator from the Confederation Center) was shooting interviews with me for the up coming exhibit, I had the feeling I was rambling and loosing track of the subject. I have no idea what any of this stuff will look like in the end so it should be an interesting (and I hope not embarrassing) learning experience. I think I need to learn to be more media savvy, I tend to fall into the 'Overly Modest Canadian' type, which probably makes for lousy TV. Eh, what do I know.

Anywho, the spot will be aired on Compass tonight at 6 (late in the show). I'm told sometimes other CBC stations pick up stories off the wire for broadcast, so if you happen to be living somewhere other than P.E.I. and see the spot, drop me a line.

Update: I just found out you can watch the show 90 minutes after airtime on the website found here:

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