Saturday, September 01, 2007

3 Day Novel: Day 1 - 10:26pm

"The Author in Repose with Tiny Baby Feet Nearby"
-Courtesy of the National Archives of Canada, Kensington Div.

...And so we draw to a close Day 1 of Carol's trek down carpel tunnel road. She's done very well, clocking in at 54 hand written pages! She's delving into the land of Advil & ice packs.

Tune in tomorrow for DAY 2!

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Eifriger said...

GAHHHhhHH 54 hand-written pages? That is phenomenal! OMG, you are a writing-Goddess come down to Earth. Fug man; good luck with the pain my friend. I'm sorry you're sore.
My wrists are stiff and I'm mentally jittering..a giggling simian with alcohol and caffeine warring in my system. Good music helps cajole me to the next page.
Page 32 so far..