Friday, August 31, 2007

World Famous Author accepts the challenge!

Some say she's crazy, and they may be right (she married me after all). Never mind that she's the mom of twins babies! Forget that she's on a grant driven deadline to write her second novel! This woman can do ANYTHING! She laughs at danger where others cower in fear and this weekend she is taking part in THE 3 DAY NOVEL contest!!!

Now I've attempted the 24 Hour Comic Challenge twice, and grueling as it is, it's not 3 FRIKKEN' DAYS LONG!!!

I have been given a long list of instructions to which I must adhere to for fear of my life. I'll be taking care of the twins for the 3 days and providing the sequestered resident author with meals, coffee, snacks and absolute privacy. It's going to be a big challenge on both accounts but we're a little nutty like that.

So for fun, I will update the Blog here daily with an account of the events taking shape in our modest little home. I will document the muttering and shuffling from behind her office door. I won't be speaking to her about the work; in fact I'll have very little contact with here at all. All I can do is put down my interpretation of events as they happen. The tears. The cursing. The maniacal laughter... All in the name of creative fiction under the most severest of deadlines.

To be continued....


Eifriger said...

Bonne chance, mes amis!
I hear you Troy :-D Good luck buddy; and good luck CAROL! I'll be taking up the reins as well, and beating this old hoss for all she's worth.. are we up to the Challenge? Hope so! Now if only I could get my outline done... ;-) Looking forward to heartrending commiserating as we roll along the cliffs of madness... 'where ignorant armies clash by night..'



czblogger said...

God, I kinda envy you Carol and Suzanne. It's just so difficult to find the time to write. Would love to sequester myself for 3 days, and I'd even be satisfied if all I had to show for it was a good short story. Heck, I'd even settle for a nice children's story illustrated with simple pencil drawings.

Just remember that if you start hearing voices, it's not your usual madness, it's sleep deprivation. The last time I went without sleep for 3 days (no, not because I was a POW being tortured, just a student struggling to catch up with assignments during exam week), I heard a choir of angels singing beautiful hymns to keep me company.

Sincere best wishes to both of you, and to you Troy. Hope you produce some great stories that become best-selling novels someday.

Davis said...

wow. this sounds crazy. best of luck to your wife, Troy. You can do it Carol!!!

Davis D.