Thursday, July 07, 2011

PACE: Dispatches from the WEC - Part 1

THURSDAY: 10:30am - 5:00pm (or later)
SATURDAY: 8:30am - 12:00pm

My first week at the WEC (West End Cottage) is nearing it's end but thankfully there's still plenty of time to go. My Residency runs until the end of August and I'll be spending most of that time in the quaint little home you see below:

471 Notre Dame St. Summerside, PE

So far I've been mostly occupied with moving in and setting up shop, figuring out what I need and what I forgot to bring. I'm pretty much up and running now and look forward to getting down to business just as soon as I finish this post. 

View from the front porch

I've covered the walls with original artwork from the first Angora Napkin graphic novel along with tumbnails and roughs for those pages. There's almost half a dozen sketchbooks full of Mygrain comics and other junk to flip through. I've even brought along some canvases in case I get the urge to do some painting. 

I started this painting years ago... Will I finish it??

I'll post my tentative schedule here the first of every week. This is open to the public so come on in, I'll make you a coffee while you read a comic, check out the art or watch the Angora Napkin cartoon! Who are you to resist?


M Kitchen said...

I've gotta convince Erika to do a move like that... You're living the dream Troy!

Troy Little said...

It's pretty slick Mike! My last hurrah before it's back to storyboarding in September.

A Koszis said...

Yeah pretty neat place you got there.

Sue Marsden said...

Fantastic Troy! Glad you're settling in ^__^ I'll try and swing a visit the beginning of Aug sometime for 'Shark Week'..maybe we can COMIC UP together :-D Take care and best o' luck with everything creative.

meku meku said...

Are you sure that the cosy little cottage is not a postcard picture? It sure looks like it. Man, just look at it! It's the perfect place to unwind and unleash the creativity within.