Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada Day here in Canada! My you find a hobo in your bathtub on this special day!

Wow, the next two months are going to be a blast! I'll be starting my PACE residency "officially" on July 4th, but I expect it'll take until the following week before I actually get set up and a schedule worked out. I'll be doing a lot of blogging during my time in Summerside and have a lot of fun events in the works so keep checking back for updates!

Speaking up updates, I'm pleased to announce that I'm (as of yesterday) half way done the colouring stage of the next Angora Napkin book! I managed to finish 24 pages in June, much better then the previous month. Well, it's all down hill from here, right? Right?


A Koszis said...

Happy Canada Day! I'll be sure to set of some extra fireworks for all my Canadian friends.
And don't give up on the coloring! You can do it!

Blair Kitchen said...

Sweet! I wanna read more Angora Napkin!
So, what exactly is this Artist Residence thing? Do people watch you draw in a glass room or something?

Troy Little said...

Actually, I get an entire (small) house to live and work in and invite the public to come over and talk comics or whatever. Plus, it's a paid gig! Come on down and hang out a spell!

Blair Kitchen said...

Wow. That sounds really interesting. (especially the paid gig part!!!):)
I wish I was close enough to pop by..... (I like talking comics!) Hopefully it'll inspire you to get lots of comics drawn.