Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Possum Lives! (or does he?)

In a clever slight of hand I convinced Blair Kitchen, creator of The Possum to do a comic swap. I probably should have sent him money for his book, I know how profitable self publishing can be. Well you should pick up where I slacked off and buy a copy of this man's comic, it's worth every penny!

A superhero with the power of having no vital signs? He gets beat to a pulp, the bad guys check him over, "Yup, he's dead" and POW The Possum springs into action! And with the promise of midget Mexican wrasslers in the next issue you can't go wrong. I'm a long time Groo the Wanderer fan, Blair's loose and expressive cartoons remind me a lot of Sergio Aragones Mad drawings, especially the convention scenes chock full of little people.

Congrats Blair on a great book! Now go buy a copy. Tell 'em Tony sent ya.

PS: All the Chiaroscuro GN have been mailed you as of yesterday, the rest are going up for sale very soon, so check back if you want one!


Blair Kitchen said...

Hey!! Sweet plug man. Thanks Troy. I'm really looking forward to reading your comics. It's nice to hear that you enjoyed mine. Of course you could tell, I'm a big Sergio Aragones fan as well. Good luck with your comic endevors, maybe I'll see ya one day!!

Merry Christmas man!!

Troy Little said...

Thanks Blair, and a Merry Christmas to you too!