Friday, December 15, 2006

FOR SALE (finally)!!!!

Okay kiddies, time to feel the love! The long wait is over for those lucky few in the know. This is the Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of the first Chiaroscruo graphic novel!

This beauty is soft cover & square bound, containing 234 pages of B&W bliss! At a mere $18.99US (+S&H) you can't go wrong!

You can order through Paypal (Buy Me), certified check or money order:

Troy Little
C/O Meanwhile Studios
P.O. Box 848
Kensington, P.E.I.
C0B 1M0

(Just drop me an email and I'll put one on hold)

There are only
100 copies in existence and over half are all ready out the door! These are not available in comic shops, only straight from Meanwhile Studios HQ

Sorry, sold out!


Avram said...

Cool! I just ordered one.

Troy Little said...

Good man! Your book will be in the mail Monday!

Myk said...

Cool. Been waiting for this since... how long? Just hit the order button.

Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Troy!! I got my comics yesterday! They look great. I've only flipped through them, and liked what I see. I'll let you know when I finish them. Thanks a lot! Maybe when my second issue is finished, we'll have to work out another deal!

crimespree said...

Man, I just finished Book 1, now I have to wait how long for the next one?!


Great stuff though!

Troy Little said...

Thanks Crimespree! Sorry to make you wait for the next one, but maybe if some smart cookie publisher picks up the book we'll see more sooner than later!

Anonymous said...

hey Troy got your book

good job

CamChes said...

Congratulations Troy. I am in the early stages of my first graphic novel, Daphne. Looking forward to reading your work as a whole. Just bought one. Cam Chesney

Anonymous said...