Friday, October 13, 2006

So tired I can't sleep...

I've been trying to sleep for hours now without any luck. Go figure, it's one of the few nights where the girls went to sleep rather early (3am).

I can't seem to get my mind to settle down, so I figure I may as well get up and do something.

Life has been taken over by these cute little monsters as of late. They're 7 1/2 weeks now and quite a handful. They've even got a blog! (See links).

I'm on the night shift, so all I do is try and get them to sleep and I watch movies. I've started watching "Lost" while waiting for "Battlestar Galactica 2.5" to show up on DVD. I finally got to watch the "Kill Bill" movies and a ton of other flicks I've missed out on over the last few years.

Aside - (I feeling like serving up a heated rant about the state of what passes for "animation" on late night Teletoon (Canada) but lack the will to point out the obvious. It disturbs me to the core and those responsible should be shot).

I'm reading Stinebeck's "Grapes of Wrath". He's one of my favorite writers. "Winter of Our Discontent" and "East of Eden" are just incredible.

As for my comics, not much has happened since the last posting. I have a limited number of "Chiaroscuro" TPB on order, hopefully I'll see them soon. I'm sending many of them out to publishers, reviewers and such, but I had enough printed to offer a few to the hardcore fans who've stuck by the book for so long. Details to follow once the books arrive and I assess how many I have to sell.

Also, anyone looking around for the old website is out of luck for the time being. It sat there in limbo so long I decided to drop it until I can build a new one. In the meantime, this blog will serve as the temporary HQ for Meanwhile Studios.

Guess I'll go put on some coffee and see if I can squeak in a half hour to draw, wish me luck!


Underduck said...

Troy... I gotta say again. Congrats. It's been fun watching all this happen to you.

And if there happens to be a stray TPB, I'd gladly give you my pancreas for it... or perhaps cash would be better. ;)

Will there be extra bits in the tpb? Sketches and such?

Troy Little said...

Hmm, pancreas you say? Tempting....

The TPB is pretty much what would have consisted of the first 10 issues. The series stalled at issue #7 so there's about 60 more pages than that.

I was giving thought to including early versions of the story, back when it was called "Eclectic Cafe" but decided against it, at least for the time being.

Rob A. said...

Parenthood. Aint it fun? These are the reasons why our parents always look back on our childhood with tears in their eyes. Have you ever read his re-telling of the King Arthur tales? Really good stuff. I think it was one of the last things he was working on before his death.

Eifriger said...

Love the piccy of tired Dad & tired wee girlie--thanks for posting. Please set aside a TPB for yrs truly (I have a diseased gallbladder you can have! Really! You can carve it out with an electric toothbrush... )


:-D Got the package today! I love love the T-shirt. It fits WOOHOO; now I can act all pirate-y at work and frighten the repressed statisticians.

I will write more coherently soon. I miss you guys (& gals!) Take care dude--glad you're catching up on shows, but you gotsta sleep dude..


crimespree said...

I'm definately down for a copy of the tpb!

Andy Collier

Anonymous said...

this is waaaaaaay over due, but HI TROY AND CAROL!!!


Craig xxx

Troy Little said...

Thanks Triple X Criag! You rock my world.

Jason C said...

Cherish these moments Troy..

Chloe is already at the satge where her definition of fun is "Paker and Colby" the 2 boys she goes to day care with.. "sigh" Mommy and Daddy are already no fun to our little girl.. Make the most of this time when you are their ONLY source of fun ;).

Hope to see you guys sometime soon..

Jason xxxx
(you don't want to know what the fourth x is for.. lets just say it was well earned;))

Kyle Marshall said...

Great hear how you are doing, Good luck with that night shift

warren said...

Hey I'm having one of those weeks! Our boy is teething, and his parents slept about 3-4 hours a night all week.

I wish I was on one of those late night Teletoon shows so I could slack off. Awful I know - but it's self-preservation, really.

You're little bippys are so cute!

E. Ann Bardawill said...

Put me down for anything Chiaroscuro related. Just let me know where to send the money order.

And take solace in the fact that once the twins are a little older they will sleep thought the night and you'll be able to rest...

A decade and a have will zip by befor you know it, and then you'll be back to sleepless nights waiting for them to get back from their dates.