Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Womb Mates

Hooray for babies first pictures!
Carol picked up the pictures of our little darlings yesterday! They came in a colourful pink card labeled "Baby's First Picture". Inside were these 3 image captures from last Monday's ultrasound which resemble the work of H.R. Giger. I suggested to Carol we frame them and put them in the baby's room, but that would probably freak them out. I think they're cute.


Eifriger said...

COOOL! Names: Ripley & Geiger? ;-D I've seen UltraSound pics used as Christmas Cards... Very very very cool!

Jason C said...

Awesome.. We have ours little Chloe's ultrasound picture frmaed in our living room.. Right next to a "me holding the camera out in front of us" shot of april and I holding up the positive pregnancy test.. it's a great set..

best of luck guys.. and yes.. frame them..

warren said...


Congrats, Troy!

Ultrasounds freak me out. Kinda spooky. Ours is in a drawer somewhere. My wife's at the stage where you can see him/her move around in there...from a distance. Everyone (I mean EVERYONE) compares it to the 'Alien' in the movies.

Betcha James Cameron had no idea that'd happen. Giger'd be happy though.

Rob A. said...

Great photos. If you do frame them keep them out of the sun. They fade pretty fast. What we did is take a picture of the picture and framed that. I guess its because they are like a poleroid.

Anonymous said...

You should come up with better names than TWA and TWB. Keep those letters if you must but add more in order to make a proper name. For example:

TWAvis (Little)

TWevor Bwyce (Little)

Doc Savageland said...

I know I have already said congratulations, but I'll just do so again.


I have an idea though. When they start to get older you should have a costume hidden away, but not too hidden away that they don't accidentally see it sometime, and some fake crime files, and plan some sudden "business" trips. The point of the exercise is to get them to think that you are both super heroes. Might be a lot of fun.

Love the pictures. You two have done so well. The world needs a few more Littles!!

Kyle Marshall said...

Please take down these black and white phots you have on your blog, this is very offensive to me!

Troy Little said...

Thanks again to everyone for all the nice comments!

Exctept you Kyle, you can bite me. ;)

Kipp said...


BTW I got the comics, and an email should be sitting in your mailbox with more details...


Michael Valiquette said...

So, when are you guys expecting your litter?

Troy Little said...

It was August 29th, but twins usually "arrive" a few weeks early. No official date yet, but likely around August 7th somewhere.