Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back to the Funnies!

Behind the Scenes note:

Once and a while these Mygrains of mine have some element of reality to them. The scene above was inspired by my dad, who always keeps candy, chocolate, peanuts and licorice under the couch and offers them to you whenever you visit.


ncross said...

Haha that's a funny one!

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CarolineJarvis said...

hahaha! that's hilarious!
Congrats on the baby! I can tell the little rascal will be adorable!

Jason C said...

HEHEHEH.. great... You should start something like that at work.. Keep food under you desk or computer.. I'm voting for Mayo sandwiches.. The'd keep really nice under a hot monitor..

Baron said...

Really funny! Great pic!

Eifriger said...

I have been offered couch food in PEI--it's TRUE! It's alllll true! (and nummy too :-) I love your Mygrains Troy. Would love to see an anthology of them! (Or at least a T-shirt with the helium cat one on it :-)