Monday, August 20, 2012

Comic Book Shark Week 2 - Wrap up


CBSW2 ran from August 12-19, 2012. How did I fare according to the CBSW Motivation Chart? Well, to be honest I fell somewhere between "Hammerhead" and "Mako"... Not too hot, plus I just realized I blew the caveat and forgot to draw a shark. I have excuses aplenty but no excuse is a good one one during CBSW! 

So what did I accomplish... I started thumbnails for "The Allusion of Life" - about 2 pages worth. I started putting down the tonal under painting on canvas for a piece I'm doing for an upcoming art show and I completed four Angora Napkin comic strips. I hoped for a lot more then that.

We held a 24 Hour Comic Party here at Maison Little and had a great turn out starring: Brenda Hickey! John Dohe! Zen Rankin! Luke Lunes! Carolyn Hickey! Christina Gaudet! Nelly Silva Polanco! James Morrison! Sue Marsden! Toni Timmins! Andrew Ryan! Jean Brunet! Jonathan McPhee! Josh Richard! and Patrick Brunet! Thanks gang for the great turn out and support! 

Check out some highlights from the party:


Suzanne Marsden said...

CBSW2 FTW! n__n Great seeing the movie and everyone in more than just truncated head/shoulder format (remember that is about all I could see from my perch as laptop-head-girl :-) Really fun comic-making this year man--! Cheers, Suzanne.

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