Saturday, June 04, 2011

Meet The Podcrastinators & SCG

Last week found the illustrious Brenda Hickey and myself in the heart of Conservative Canada (Ottawa) were we slept on many a couch (Thanks peeps!) and held book signings. And by signings I mean one.

One of the highlights of our travels was doing a podcast with the infamous ("more then famous") Andre & Mike of The Podcrastinators - Ottawa's favorite Podcast straight from the heart of Wellington Diner!

Don't miss a moment of this almost 2 hour podcast, but if you must cut to the chase then Brenda and I make our appearance around the 39:00 mark:

The Podcrastinors: Episode Sicks

Full disclosure, Mike and I go waaaaaay back. For example, check out this bit of collaborative 'gold' from 2000:

Kudos to Mr. Andre for the slick edit on the interview, there was a lot of noise and interruptions that vanished in the post production phase and made the interview nice and tidy.

One final shill, you can pick up a copy of Mike's new book "The Open Door and Other Night Time Tales of Terror" (TODAONTTOT for short?) by clicking on the the spooky book cover below and steady yourself to never sleep again!

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A Koszis said...

Hey great stuff. And too bad about the book signing turn out, man. I'm surprised you aren't more popular.

Troy Little said...

Ah, book signings are always hit and miss. Lots of people say they're going but few of those ever turn up. No biggie.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! Now YOU whore for ME!!!!

Supercoolguy - R.I.P. (fucking Doomsday).

The Podcrastinators said...

Thanks for the compliments, Troy, and the blog post. It was great having you as our first guest.