Saturday, April 02, 2011


The next Angora Napkin book is moving along at a good clip!

February - 18 pages
March - 24 pages (Somehow, despite getting the flu and doing Wizard Con Toronto)

I'll actually be finished the drawing part next week, but then the task of scanning and colouring all that comes into play. Ugh, so close and yet so far from breaking out the champagne on this one. In any case, once I finish drawing the book I'll post a teaser page or two and reveal the title - so be sure to look for that coming your way later next week to celebrate it's partial completion!

Chocolate covered coffee beans and Pocky, Comic Con staples.

A rare Angora Napkin graphic novel signed by both Troy & Nick!

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M Kitchen said...

Boo-Yah! Good work Mr. Little. I look forward to seeing it.