Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colouring pages

Hey gang!

So yeah, the final phase of the next Angora book is well underway but it's taking some time! I'm a B&W junkie but it was suggested to me by my publisher that I go full colour for my next book and so that's what I'm doing. The process is very slow and time consuming - I'm about 30 odd pages in and managing 5-6 pages a week at the moment. I can draw these pages at almost twice the speed I can colour them! Still, I have a good head start at the moment so hopefully we can start serializing them online soon.

Here's a panel in process from the new book going from B&W to Flats to Final colours. I must admit I like the finished product so I expect all future Angora Napkin stories will probably be in colour.


Avram said...

On the floor next to the bed -- is that a Cerebus Stuffed Toy (Sword Not Included)?

Troy Little said...


A Koszis said...

hmm I liked the first book's use of just coloring everything with blues, but yeah I'll give this a shot.

Jordi Lund said...

I just found out about your series today upon reading the first book, which I found at my school's library just today. I was laughing all the way through!

I was in for a surprise when I found out you live on the same Island as me! A town over from me, even!

I'm very happy to see this animated! I just checked out the pilot, and it looks like your bringing back cartoons! Good old funny, entertaining cartoons... Referencing Plan 9 From Outer Space, Evil Dead, mocking a certain someone's broken speech patterns. It was just too much fun, man!

Thank you for producing such a wonderfully entertaining, and wonderfully animated series!

ANYWAYS!! On the topic of this picture - your colouring looks great! I see a Sailor Moon reference, a Galactus reference, a Pinocchio reference, some Batman, and, as Avram has said, Cerberus!

Looking forward to your new book, Troy! I will stay tuned to Angora Napkin!