Friday, December 31, 2010

Assess, Adapt and Move Forward! Bring on 2011!!

    2010 is almost a memory! I must say it was a very good year and I have a very good feeling about 2011. It's been interesting doing the full time comic thing for the last month and a bit. I started out with a plan on how I was going to spend my work time and when that didn't work I revised it. Version 2 worked for a while but then "mild frustration" set in (see last post) and so I'm adapting it again.

   I think I've finally learned I can't do two books at once, sorry Chiaroscuro fans - it's returned to the back burner for the time being. I've also learned I don't make the best use of my time, hardly ever do I seem to put in 8 hours a day on my working days. (Also, I don't sleep enough and almost never exercise).
  Okay, I KNOW I can do better then this. So I'm starting off 2011 (starting on the 4th) with renewed determination to pick up the slack. I'm working exclusively on the next Angora Napkin book and I'm setting a 1-2 page a day goal. The book is all ready a year late (by my own deadline) for web serialization so I really want to get this thing MOVING and get it online early 2011! 
  If I can nail this pace the book will take 3-5 months to finish and then I can switch gears and tackle Chiaroscuro full time and get some momentum on that one.
    Wizard Con in Toronto, March 18-20th! I'll be there! 

   That's it from Meanwhile Studios for 2010, see you next year gang!

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