Thursday, November 18, 2010

What a week!

Yesterday I posted the Angora Napkin pilot on Vimeo and it sure is getting around! As of right now, 245 people have shared it on Facebook and it's got 2,247 views on Vimeo - all in 24 hours!! Keep on spreading the love and share it with your friends ~ and thanks for all the positive feedback!

Angora Napkin - pilot from Troy Little on Vimeo.

Beyond that I've managed to pump out 7 inked Angora Napkin pages, 1 Mygrain comic and penciled a commissioned piece.

(A new Mygrain comic!)

(Penciling Pg 36 on the light table)

(Pg 36 inks in progress)

Today's task is a slightly daunting one... Remember that book I did a long time ago. I think it was called Chiaroscuro (or some other unpronounceable thing). Yeah, I have more of those to do. I only planned to take a year off from the book before getting back into it but a whole lot of things got in the way. I've managed to draw a staggering 6 finished pages to date. I write the date I finish pages at the bottom of the art and that last page was inked November 22, 2009 - so it's been just over a year since I've worked on the damn book.

Whelp, enough of that bullshit. It's in the queue now alongside Angora Napkin starting today! Page 7 is penciled and I'll be busting out the Hunt 102 and freshening the ink shortly. 

In the meantime, I dug up the cover to the single issue of Chiaroscuro #8 that never was. I guess I thought I'd channel Frank Miller on this one but alas it never made it to print with issue #7 being the last of the single issues. 

Wish me luck! 

(BTW, if anyone out there has read and enjoyed Chiaroscuro Book 1 and felt the urge to add a nice word or two about it on the Amazon page that would be mighty sweet of ya. Currently the only review is a "One Star" review that refers to it as "The worst comic I have ever read.")  ^__^


Freux said...

More Chiaroscuro? Yes please!!!!

John Pannozzi said...

Heya, Troy. I recently watched the Angora Napkin pilot and really enjoyed it. Good work. I'm just curious, I hear that the single issues of Chiaroscuro had Angora Napkin backup stories. Were these included in the Chiaroscuro hardcover, or the Angora Napkin hardcover, by any chance?

Troy Little said...

Yes, I collected the Chiaroscuro back up comics in the Angora book (plus a few others from scattered sources).

ncross said...

What about Hotdog Weinerscoff?

Troy Little said...

Well, to clarify I meant only the Angora Napkin comics. :P

John Pannozzi said...

"Yes, I collected the Chiaroscuro back up comics in the Angora book (plus a few others from scattered sources)."

Great! I assume the Comics Festival comic is also included?

Troy Little said...

The colour Angora Napkin from Comics Festival came out after the graphic novel was published. That one will eventually be put into the next book.

John Pannozzi said...

A few more questions regarding Angora Napkin:

1) Did you and/or Nick Cross ever think of surnames for Beatrice, Molly and/or Mallory?

2) Could you please post the lyrics to the opening theme song to the AN pilot in a future post (maybe on the AN blog?)?

3) And just for fun, who would be your ideal choices to play live-action versions of Beatrice, Molly and Mallory?

Troy Little said...

1) We've never talked about it but I assume their last names would be "Napkin" like the Ramones.

2) Yes:

"One. Two. A One Two Three Four!

Make way for the new sound coming to your town
It's really going to blow your mind

POW, it's wow and it's wacky
Sky-high on candy
Supersonic action time

Oooh oooh oooh oohh
Oh la-la-la, Oh la-la-la

Look at what the cat
Look at what the cat dragged in;

Angora Napkin!"

(Music and words by Lisa Marr - ex cub)

3) I can't imagine them live action or 3D at all.