Sunday, May 25, 2008

Anogra Napkin Cover Preview

Hey gang, I need your help!

I have two versions of the cover for the up coming Angora Napkin graphic novel and I can't decide witch to go with. Visit the website to check out the options and cast your vote!


Kristy Gordon said...

So did you decide to go with the aged looking one?

Troy Little said...

Yes, the people have spoken!

And besides, I think I like that one best as well.

Kyle M. said...

Hi Troy! One of your newest fans here. I discovered your book Chiaroscuro about a month ago at my local bookstore. It was the cover that drew me in, but your work inside blew me away. I really appreciate the way you laid the story out.

Anyway, looking forward to Anogra Napkin, but also wanted to ask: Is there a way to buy a poster of the Chiaroscuro cover art? I'd love to have it for my office!

Anyway, keep on rockin' and I'll keep on readin'. Great stuff!

kyle m. said...

Pardon me, Angora Napkin. Sorry about that.

Troy Little said...

Hey Kyle, thanks for giving my book a shot! Glad you enjoyed it.

Poster huh.... Not a bad idea.

If you find yourself at the San Diego Comic Con, hit up IDW for a free preview copy of Angora Napkin!