Friday, January 04, 2008

Angora Napkin: Finished!

Here it is : almost two years of my life in a nice, neat little 11X14 stack. Started in March 2006 and completed January 2008.

Yep, there it is. Hooray for me! Now I have the ever-so-much-fun-job of scanning all the pages (twice) and then going back and adding the spot colour.

I had a lot of fun bringing these characters to life finally. Angora Napkin has been kicking around in binders since 1997 when it was created as an idea for an animated series. I can't wait to get the technical bit done and get the finished book out to the world!
"Yeah that's great and all dad, but have you seen my monkey?"


Suzanne Marsden said...

Congratulations man! You must feel about 10 feet tall :-D
Your ears are possibly burning too..just about the time you were posting this, I was chatting up Nick at Kristy's group show at la Petite Mort Gallery. Fun :-)

I can hardly wait to see the graphic novel in all its staggering beauty and fun :-D Please please can I have a t-shirt with Mallory being hoisted away with her panties sliding down? Theee Best :-)))


michael valiquette said...

nice work Troy, congrats.

Anonymous said...

The Wa says Aaaaaaaaaay!(thumbs up)


Andrew Elbendari said...

Awesome Mr. Little!

Congratulations on finishing the book! It's quite an achievement! I haven't even started my book yet!

Lookin' forward to hopefully pickin' it up sometime!

Troy Little said...

Thanks folks!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Yort!
The book's gonna be awesome.
Can't wait to watch it too.