Monday, November 26, 2007

"Be happy in your work" Part 2

Yep. Too much of too much isn't a good thing and the clones I ordered from Kamino have yet to arrive. The day job, the post-day job (that didn't work out), the graphic novel promotion, the next graphic novel in progress, the hunt for the next post-day job and a myriad of other things I won't get into are driving me to distraction.

I'm not so much complaining as I am just venting. I'm very near completion of the Angora Napkin graphic novel and if memory serves me (which is a long shot) I got all wound up when I was near finishing Chiaroscuro Book 1. I guess while I'm working on a project I never really expect that I'll reach the end, so it comes as a surprised bout of nervous shock when I can see the final few pages drawing to a close. I'm anxious to draw but my mind is bouncing around to 40 other things simultaneously.

Also, it's that time of year when the world shows you just how fucking poor you really are. Jolly times indeed.
...And it doesn't help when you're reading a really crappy book (Demon Box by Ken Kesey) that you wish you could stop reading. I have a really hard time investing myself in a book and not seeing it through to the end. I know, it's stupid. Kesey's written 2 of my favorite books, Cuckoo's Nest and Sometimes a Great Notion, so I had great hope for this but it turns out the publisher just culled together a bunch of really lousy unpublished short (some not short enough) pieces of journalism to make a buck and now I'm stuck reading it. It's so depressing when this happens, I must be more careful in the future.


Suzanne Marsden said...

Hey Troy Dude, sorry to hear you're riding the rough waves... Chamomile tea is good for relaxing (if your heart can slow its pounding and your brain can slow its zipping for a moment.)

As for the book. Your time is precious, you owe the publisher who threw that stuff together nothing. Go to the next book and drop the dead turkey. Seriously.

I know it's a pride thing, and I am pretty much the same. I've read some dogs and at the end turned around and wrung my hands going: "WHyyyyy???"

The books I've dropped mid-way thru left me with a quick painless twinge of guilt, and then I felt awesome digging into a new book that DIDN'T suck. The longer you prolong dropping the one that does, the more time you'll waste reading crap you don't like.

Too bad about the Kesey--I am also a fan and enjoyed "Sometimes..." and "One Flew Over.." Check out Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" if you want to read some stuff about the Merry Pranksters (if you haven't already) it's quite good.

Miss you buddy. I am in the throes of my new Joe Job. It wasn't too bad. I got to fool around with PShop today. Btw, if you need a hand with anything comics-wise, I am a mere 3 provinces away. Let me know, k?

((hugs & much love!!!))
Struggling in the afterglow

Troy Little said...

Hey Sue, glad to hear the new job started out well!

Yeah, dropping bad books is a skill I need to work on. Especially when dealing with a short work collection. I keep thinking, "Maybe the next story will redeem this book".

The last book I dropped was "Utopia" by Thomas Moore. I read about 50 odd pages and realized that either a) this is too archaic to comprehend in any meaningful way or b) it's long winded and boring or c) it's pretentious and poorly written. I leave it up to a better scholar than myself to decipher that for me.

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