Monday, October 15, 2007

Book Launch November 9th!

I have in my possession an advance copy of the hard cover edition! It looks awesome and has a good feel to it, very nice job! Your money will be well spent on this puppy. IDW has it listed on their web site as shipping October 31st, so it won't be long now! Hope to see you all at the book launch, I'm sure no one will have any trouble getting to P.E.I. for the big day.



Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Congrats on the book! It looks really, really nice from the pictures.

Suzanne Marsden said...

Niiice Hardcover!
It must feel great in your hand that looks swell. Thanks for telling me to look at the damned thing *grin*; especially after I jumped up and down all over Facebook asking for a pic of it ;-) Your launch is going to be a blast!

The Dane said...

I just wanted to say that I'm excited beyond imagining for this book. I followed the first five issues of the book before I stopped visiting comic book stores for economic reasons and wasn't sure if you had continued it. I'm glad to see its still alive and cannot wait to add this hardcover to my shelf of book collections.