Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Polly Pocket ruined my day.

Yep, the little plastic wench put me in such a foul mood my day was shot. Such are the joys one can achieve by working in animation so get out there you starry eyed youngsters and get a job in Flash animation. Or maybe you'll be lucky enough to work on some 3D masterpiece like Shrek 14. Dare to dream.

Anyone in the market for a 13 year old dog who's stone deaf, hates the outdoors and can't stop barking? And when he's not barking he's whining. Or pissing in my office. Or eating out of the compost bin. Anyone? Anyone? If I was a gun owner I'da given him a couple of Milk Bones today.

I was supposed to meet up with some friends at the Confederation Center and check out the show but that didn't work out as planned. I watched Jason walking out the door at the opposite end of the building, and as I had the twins with me I'm not in the position to run him down. Mark had all ready left, so that all sucked.

On the up side, the show looks good! Ihor did a great job mixing my interview so that I sound half way competent. He converted the segment into B&W; I was back lit so it's kind of dark. I'll see if I can get a copy of it from him for the web site. While I was there I had a newspaper interview for the local Kensington paper. The interviewer (Mike) was a student of mine back when I was teaching comic art at my old High School, so that was kind of interesting.

Other than that, I received a nice card and some money (I expect it's worth a lot!) from my biggest fan in China and harbinger of Pocky. Hi Xiao Ai, and thanks! ;)
That's it for me. Guess I'll post another Mygrain and either go to bed or get back to work. I'm getting pissed off with myself, which usually means I'm about to go into overdrive until I burn out. Nothing unusual.


Suzanne Marsden said...

Sorry your day didn't work out dude, it's draining when it happens that way. You sound like your creative engines are going vvvvrrrr** vrrrr*** VRrrrrRRRrrrr*** OOOOOOMMMMM!
Your engines are roaring, but your foot is firmly ground onto the brake pedal. Don't worry, soon, you'll grind the gears, lurch into 3rd and be zinging down the old highway full of Mygrains (the comic kind), stories, Blogs and yes, yes, comics!!

I'm glad the show turned out well..and that Ihor came through for you. Interesting chap eh? ;-) I wish I could come and see the show, but I don't think it'll be in the cards. Unless I hold up A LOT of liquor stores. I will talk with ya soon buddy. Give me a call if your engine is sputtering and you're tempted to drive the key into your eye.

Ooh, and Xpress post Shadow my way. I did offer!! :-) (Do you think he'd make the trip with enough postage??)


Troy Little said...

So Spaketh Sue, Queen of the Metaphor!

ncross said...

Hey Troy

I totally missed your interview! I was in Toronto "pitching a board" (that's industry talk, folks) I hope you can post it "online"<--(technical jargon)