Sunday, September 16, 2007

CBC Interview online

In case you missed it:


Jason C said...

Hey!!! Where's the mustache!!???!! ;)

dedmonky said...

Hard work is payin off.
other than that. How is stuff. I'm back in ottawa.
Say hi to Carol and the babies.

Rob A. said...

That was really good! I always get a kick out of reporters trying to sound like they know what they are talking about. Make you wonder even more about mid-east reports!
But seriously that was awesome!

Troy Little said...

Thanks guys!

Blair Kitchen said...

Troy! That's awesome!! I'm glad you posted this, because I couldn't watch it on the CBC website for some reason. Those pages that they showed look really, really great. I've got to get me some more Chiaroscuro....... maybe another trade?.....

Anonymous said...


Well done, Troy!

And them thar babies are the CUTEST!!

Enjoy 'em while they are young, pal.