Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bardawill takes one for the team

That rascal Dave Sim is at it again. Chiaroscuro fan and supporter Elizabeth Bardawill took it upon herself to write Dave a letter in hope of swaying his decision to delay writing the foreword to my book until the second volume. She met with little success and as she so eloquently put it, "Dave just tore a strip off my hide" (Re: Blog & Mail #162 February 20, 2007 if you care to read the essay).

First off, thank you Elizabeth. I'm flattered you feel strongly enough about my work to go that extra mile knowing full well the likely outcome of such a letter to Mr. Sim.

I've had a few people ask me why I would even want Dave to write the foreword to my book. That's a good question. Simply put, I respect and admire his work and his dedication to self publishing drove me into this business. His influence (visually) is apparent all throughout Chiaroscuro without (I hope) seeming to come across as a blatant rip off. I can think of no one I'd feel more honoured to have speak on behalf of my book in that sense.

That doesn't mean I tow the line on many of the ideas he puts out there (and there are many). He has a right to his opinions and the freedom to speak his mind in this country and he chooses to do so in a very lengthy and well documented fashion in Cerebus and on his Blog.

I realised a long time ago that getting into a debate with him would be a loosing battle. You will not convince him contrary to his well established beliefs no matter what evidence you present.

But thanks for trying Elizabeth, I appreciate the gesture.


Anonymous said...

As I told Margaret over at Cerebus Fangirl.com (Now with 200% more boobies!) where comics are concerned I will read anything Dave recommends regardless of his views on anything else.

Anyway. Thanks Troy.
I feel loads better.

Eifriger said...

Just finished "High Society" that the library provided me for free (thus helping to absolve my guilt at supporting a misogynist, yet enabling me to read a "Cerebus" comic.) I had it left out on the table the other day when Robbie popped over. He was fumbling with his coat, glanced at the table and said "Oh, I haven't finished reading Chiaroscuro yet--" I corrected him & we enjoyed a nice chat about Dave Sim.

Thought you'd enjoy the mistake buddy :-))) I owe you a re-read and some thoughts, hopefully when time provides me some uninterrupted space. Hope you're well and keeping strong!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear...

I've taken up the 14 Impossible Things before Breakfast Challenge.

If...if... I don't make it, sprinkle my ashes on Johnny Depp would ya?

Troy Little said...

You're playing into his game you realise. Good luck!

I'll see what I can do about the Depp request. I'm sure he's game for that sort of thing though.