Saturday, January 13, 2007

Drinks are on me!

Chiaroscuro Limited Edition

Thanks everyone who ordered the book!

(Those of you who emailed me and are sending out cheques should do so soon, your books are on hold until the end of the month.)


Rob A. said...

Yippeee! Sold out! Now you need to get the Angora Napkin thing a happenin.

this quiet life said...

The book is a thing of beauty. The artwork is stunning! Thanks for shipping one my way. Do you sell any of the pages?

WIll the story continue? Hope someone out there wants to pay you to continue the story.

M. Joyal

Troy Little said...

I'm hanging onto the artwork for Chiaroscuro at least until I get a full print run out there. My paranioa about having only a digital copy of the work may or may not be unfounded, but it is a paranoia and as such can not be properly explained.

The story will most definatly continue, there's two more books to go after this one! I'm only taking (what I thought was) a short break from it to do an Angora Napkin book which is well into production.

And yes it would be nice to have enough scratch to do this stuff full time.

Troy Little said...

Books shipped out yesterday (Jan 17)

Harris Comics!
I Ming! (4-6 weeks to Singapore)

Cory, your book will be going out tomorrow I hope. I'm snowed in right now.

warren said...


You caught me nappin. Like Rip Van Winkle. Congrats on selling out! Heh.