Monday, August 21, 2006

The Grand Finale

This is it! August 22nd is the big day!!!


Eifriger said...

We're rooting for you guys--all the best, crossing available digits and sprinkling luck your way! (((hugs!)))

Rob A. said...

As the Thunderbirds would say, FAB guys, FAB!

Anonymous said...

All the very best guys. Remeber, we're waiting breathlessly on the first pictures of the new arrivals

Robert Downey

dcmackinlay said...

Two little girls, huh? If either are anything like my daughter, you're in deep trouble.

Now... where's the comic about the birth?

Robert Dee said...

Although we haven't seen any new comics about the birth nor any photos of your new arrivals ... from dcmackinlay's note I think CONGRATULATIONS are in order. All the very best to you and Carol.

Robert Downey

Baron said...

From what dcmackinlay said, I expect that you had two girls? Anyhow, best of luck!