Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Mygrain Returns

Because I'm some sort of sadist I've decided to add to the pile of "Things I Don't Have Time For" a return of the weakly Mygrain comics. Mostly because I need to do something creative in the hope that my brain hasn't flatlined all together. If you got a kick out of this, check out some of the others on my old web site by clicking HERE.

The plan is to add new comics here every week (but don't count on it). Enjoy!


Eifriger said...

YAYYYYY Helium Cat!!! WOOT :-D Lookin fwd to it Troy :-)))

daniel said...

i think i just woke up my house laughing

i'm in the basement

Jason C said...

HAHA these are great Troy... Keep em coming..!!

Kyle Marshall said...

hahaahahaha, to funny, to funny. Daniel even woke me up, to funny, to funny

DAINTY said...

Awsome comic man. I look forward to seeing more everyweek. Later man

warren said...

Every week?!?

You're nuts.

ps workin on the APCDVD...still. Just gotta get some deadlines o'er with.

pps what's your snail mail? email me from my lame site.

ppps if I knew your birthday was coming, I'da got them to you then. Happy B-Day.

Tea said...

Oh morning started well with your had great! laughs thx....great job....consider me as your fan now. Hmmm your crazy humor BITES!