Friday, March 03, 2006

APE show ends today!

No, not the show in San Francisco but an art show going on at the Atlantic Technology Center in P.E.I.

The original pages for the Angora Napkin short comic "Zesty Pineapple Sprig" (Chiaroscuro #6) and "Feedbak" from the February 2006 issue of The Buzz are on display, as well as one of my few oil paintings (*not pictured. The old man is a painting of William S. Burroughs I did back in '98).

Today is the last day of the exhibit, but it may become an annual event. For more info on APE, click here.


onemanpunkband said...

hey troy, congrats to you having stuff in a show! that's 'off the CHAIN'. hey, can i link you?

Troy Little said...

Thanks man, glad to see I can still please the kids. I also endorse your right to "link" me.

I was wondering where I can catch you punk show? Sounds niffty!

onemanpunkband said...

everynight in digby. a lot of crabs and scallops come to the shows.

Kyle Marshall said...

wooooooooooooooow, great burroughs!

Jason C said...

HAHA.. that's great troy.. really awesome.. Now you need to do one of Mr. Waits.. he'd fit that creepy painting style perfectly ;) ohh.. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!